Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lorisha's First Waltz

Dedicated to Lorisha who never gets to waltz, but is graceful enough to have one written for her.

Double Circle dance--improper formation. Set up with gents on the inside of the circle, facing their ladies on the outside. Call a hands four. One gents should switch with his partner so that the gents' left arms are both inside the minor set. (Thus ladies' rights to the inside) When you assume ballroom position your arms will point inside the set and the direction you will travel.

Measures: (This is a waltz, so clearly the measures are three counts each, right?)
1-2: Right hand turn (box-the-gnat) your partner and face back into the set (six counts)
3-4: Balance the ring. 1 measure in; 1 measure out (six counts)
5-6: Right hand turn your friend and face back into the set (six counts)
7-8: Balance the ring (six counts)
9-10: Right hand turn your partner and face back into the set (six counts)
11-12: Balance the ring (six counts)
13-14: Right hand turn your friend and face back in (six counts)
15-16: Balance the ring (six counts)

17-20: Ladies chain across (12 counts)
2 measures for ladies to change places; 2 measures for courtesy turn;
21-24: Ladies chain back (12 counts)
2 measures for ladies to change places again; 2 measures for second courtesy turn.

25-32: Waltz to the next set past the other couple in the set. Inside lady and partner dance inside around the other couple and outside lady and partner dance outside the other couple to progress. (8 measures, 24 counts)

Suggested music- Zan Mcleod: Highland Soul

Track 3: The Ash Grove

Terms for the dance: (with counts adjusted for 3/4 time)

Box the Gnat--a turn--6 counts--A couple meet offering right hands, they change places with the woman going under their joint raised arms, and turn to face each other still holding right hands. This means that they swap positions and end up facing the way they came.

Balance the Ring--a minor set move--6 counts--The minor set joins hands in a circle, facing inward. Everyone takes two steps toward the center of the circle, lifting their heels slightly on the second step (standing on the balls of their feet), putting them down on the third count (as a balance in the Spanish Waltz) and two steps back, on the second step lifting their heels and coming down on the third count

Ladies Chain--A minor set move--full, 24 counts; half, 12 counts--Involves two facing couples, each with the lady on the right. The women cross over giving each other right hands, and do a left hand turn about three quarters with the opposite man to end up beside him where the other woman started from. The turn we use is a courtesy turn. The gent holds the lady's left hand in his and the lady puts her right hand on her waist allowing the gent to take her right in his and help her around as they turn as couple. What has just been described is a half ladies chain, to do a full the figure is repeated again and everyone ends in the same spot as when they began the figure. Don't get ahead, 12 counts is far more than enough to perform all this!

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