Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ten Minutes in Springfield

This dance was written by Han, during my rather brief visit with friends at Christ the King Church in Springfield, MO. It has a short version and a long version, the long version being twice as long as the short version.

Ten Minutes in Springfield

A duple minor improper contra

1-8: Do-si-do your partner (8 counts)
9-12: One petronella turn (4 counts)
13-16: Balance w/ your partner (4 counts)
17-20: Half allemande (using both hands) w/ your friend (four counts)
21-24: California turn your partner (four counts)
25-32: Half ladies chain (8 counts)


33-36: Promenade your partner up the hall (4 counts)
37-40: Turn alone (towards your partner) (4 counts)
41-44: Promenade your partner down the hall (4 counts)
45-48: Turn in your place (to get back into improper contra form) (4 counts)
49-64: Circle Hey (in your new minor set) (4 counts)

Notes: --The optional claps on the and-of-3 and beat 4 in the petronella turn add a nice flourish to the dance
--Both versions are nice, but once you've started dancing the longer dance you will grow quite accustomed to it.

Recommended music: Malibu Storm, Track 7-- Clover. It's a very nice fit for the dance, and you get through the whole thing 6 times.

All of the terms used in this dance can be found here.

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