Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The SincereIntellectual

This is our simplified version of the traditional dance, the Physical Snob. The Physical Snob is really a little more interesting but can tend to be too fast moving (unless you get really slow music) for most beginning dancers.

Women join hands and the first woman leads the women round the men. (16 counts)

17- 32: Men join hands and the first man leads the men round the women. (16 counts)

B1 Poussette:
First couple joins both hands, the second couple does likewise and, with the first man walking forward right and backwards (the second man doing the opposite with his partner), the first and second couples change places (So that the second couple is at the top with the first couple in the middle) (8 counts)

This time first and third couples hold their partners' hands and, with the first man going back, the first and third couples change places (Third couple is in the middle with first couple on the bottom) (8 counts)

49-64: The first couple leads up the middle to the top and cast to the bottom of the set. (16 counts)

The dance is danced again with the second couple as the head couple.

The terms used in this dance can be found in the post on dance terms.

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