Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kristoff's 15th

A dance written on a mutual friend's 15th birthday, hence the name. In bold are the counts or beats in the music.

It should be noted that this dance is actually sixteen counts shorter than a contra should be. We kinda like it that way, but you should know.

A duple minor improper contra. It should be started facing your friend (2s up the line, 1s down, in duple minor improper contra, the couple nearest the head of the room is a one and every other couple down the line, also. If you're not a one; you are two).

I repeat, this is a duple minor improper contra.

Honor your partner
1-4: Swing your friend (4 counts)
5-8: Swing your partner (4 counts)
9-16: Circle left (8 counts)
16-32: Right and left through (16 counts)
33-36: 1s California turn (4 counts)
37-40: Right allemande with your "buddy" (that's we like to call him [or her], variantly "your neighbor" or your other friend). Basically the person of the same gender. (4 counts)
41-44: 1s California (4 counts)
45-48: Honor your partners all. (4 counts)

The 1s are now the head of a new minor set and all the 2s (except the 2s on the end) receive new 1s. As this is an improper contra those who are on the end after this, switch places with their partners and sit out a while, until the next progression, when they will join as 1s, or if they were 1s and reached the bottom, become 2s upon re-entering. Not actually all that complicated, it's just like any other duple minor improper contra (the Fairfield Fancy, for example).

Suggested Music-- Zan McLeod: Highland Soul

Track 8: Jenny's Welcome to Charlie.

(All of the terms used in this dance can be found here)

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