Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Your Attention Please!

Dear Readers,

We have recently written quite a few contras, waltzes and other dances. Please vote on which one you'd like to see on the site next:

Noelle's Lucky Star (a four-couple-formation dance)
Lorisha's Waltz (A circle waltz)
Karissa's Cowboy Reel (A major set proper contra)
The Trinitarian Terpsichore (A triple minor proper contra)

Voting will take place until we get a sufficient amount of votes. :-)


natalie said...

I want to see Karissa's Cowboy Reel... because dance instructions tend to confuse me but I love a good reel, and this one sounds fun. Is yelling yee-haw optional or mandatory? :-)

Han said...

Mandatory! :-D

Daisy said...

I want to see Karissa's Cowboy Reel. Yelling yee-haw sounds like somethink the boys would like. Is it lady like to yell during a dance?

natalie said...

The issue of ladylike yeehawing is over my head. I have to admit I just don't know if it is ladylike or not. But I like it. :-)

Yeehaw! :-)

Anonymous said...

I vote for Karissa's Cowboy Reel. I might have picked something different, but a reel sounds easier. I have no idea how to waltz, and the trinitarian dance sounds complicated.