Monday, May 01, 2006

From Bach to Schlock

Some of you, no, I take that back, all of you must be curious about the title of this blog. Who (or what) is Schlock? And why is he (or it) galloping? Is he a friend of ours? Is it a deadly disease?

Well, no. He's not a friend of ours, and it's not a deadly disease.

Once upon a time in the month of April, we attended a conference on church music. In describing the church's transition from glorious music to less glorious music, the speaker used the phrase "from Bach to schlock" and used the term "schlock" to refer to crummy things.

But, we had a friend there who was preoccupied with other things, and so he got confused. He thought schlock was a composer of crummy music. We had a good laugh, and Schlock was adopted as just a silly word to use... we like to pretend it refers to someone, but it doesn't, really.

But, you say, why is Schlock galloping? Well, the phrase "the galloping consumption" (which actually refers to tuberculosis) always made us giggle, and the thought of galloping in a contra-dance is downright hilarious.

And we are great fans of hilarity and fun. So, when you add the two together-- galloping and schlock-- we think it is hilariously fun, and sounds like a great name for a contra-dance. Maybe you don't get it. But if you do, join us in our galloping!

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