Monday, May 01, 2006

Step In Time


If you have ever been to a contra dance or country ball and seen people who stand in line and weep or wave their arms during the Virginia Reel when everyone else is clapping, and wondered who they are, wonder no more.

That's us. We are the musicians who are dancing, and want the dances to compliment the music. We want people to clap in time, and to realize you can make a move fill up all eight counts instead of dancing for six and resting for two. We want to have joined a new minor set when the music begins to repeat.

But, not being as arrogant as we may appear, we want to help you.

That's right! You, too, even if you have no musical abilities whatsoever, can learn to dance with music and love the music as much as the dance.


JFC said...

So someone has noticed my profound discomfort.

For goodness sake, yesterday afternoon they were trying to learn a dance that was in 3 to a song that was in 2.

It's hard enough getting away from the notion that your left foot has to move on the downbeat, without murdering a 3 beat dance with a 2 beat song.

Han said...

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy! That's astoundingly horrible.

Vicki said...

Just found this site, looking around. *g*

I feel your pain!!!